This is December (my third month) as well as year 2007 overall review for this blog.

Year-To-Date (YTD) Blog Contents

Number of blog post: 39

Number of page: 6 – About Steven Wong, Portfolio, Testimonials, Blogging Resources, Archives, Contact

Comments Received: 160

Caught Spam Comments: 162 (There is a surge of spam comments, I have disabled comment function for some posts.)

Traffic Review (Unique Visitors)

  • Total (27th Nov – 31st Dec): 2,508
  • November: 302
  • December: 2,206
  • YTD Visitor: 5,268


Overall, this blog continue to receive blog visitor from various sources, especially in growth in December month has surge 50% from the previous month.

There is an increase of organic search engine traffic, according to my Google Analytics account. At the moment, 47% of the total visitors cam from two major search engine – Google and Yahoo. Quite good result getting from my SEO works done so far, getting a lot of FREE traffic! Wink


Google PR: 2

Alexa Ranking: 203,023 (from last month 277,595)

Inbound Link Review: 2,210


Some of the achievement and work done for this month:

Some of the projects in discussion currently including blog marketing consultation service, joint venture proposal as well as new blog theme design.

I can see this blog enjoying growth from traffic as well as receiving business inquiries from all over the world, although the primary visitors came from Malaysia.

Look forward next year and a getting more deal completed in 1st quarter of 2008.