Malaysian 2008 Election is near!

With the coverage of the local newspapers and a few other local and overseas bloggers, I managed to conduct a review of various politicians who are blogging now. The examples showing below are build on wordpress blog CMS (content management system) unless stated otherwise.

You are encourage to leave comments in this blog if you come across any politicians are using wordpress powered blog CMS.


The highlights is on Jeff Ooi, the first blogger who inspire to become MP (Member of Parliament). Apart from his main blog, he has setup a new blog CMS for the election campaign. He managed to raise RM85K in 11 days for his Jeff 4 Malaysia election campaign.


Apart from Jeff Ooi, other politicians from DAP (Democratic Action Party) that uses wordpress blog CMS are Lim Kit Siang (English, Chinese), Teresa Kok, Ronnie Liu and the recent launched DAP Elections blog.


On the other hand, MCA (Malaysia Chinese Association) politicians who also uses wordpress blog CMS are Kong Cheong Wei, Dato Dr Ng Yen Yen as well as BeliaWanis MCA (Malaysia Chinese Women).


Next, we have many leaders from Keadilan party (People’s Justic Voice). Honestly speaking, they are very good at using wordpress blog CMS. Probably they have good webmasters who are expert in using blog platform.


Anwar Ibrahim, his Club, his daughter – Nurul Izzah Anwar, Nik Nami Nik Ahmad, Elizabeth Wong as well as Suara Keadilan Online (People’s Justice Voice Online).


Besides the politicians, there are a few blogs which is not belonging to any party members also setup to voice out about politics and election issues, such as Election Watch Blog, Bersih (Joint Action Committee for Electoral Reform) and Hindraf (Hindu Human Rights Action Force). You might want to check out blogger Nathaniel Tan‘s view on politic.


Nonly local Malaysian politicians but overseas politicians are good too at using blog as tool to promote themselves in blogosphere, there are many politicians in overseas, particular in US are maximizing the power of blog to run for US Presidency. Joe Biden (who is out of running) is the only candidate I found out using wordpress blog CMS in his website. While Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain who are also running a similar CMS system (suspected using modified version of wordpress CMS).


Not to forget, American Election Coverage blog and Irish Election blog are also in the list. These 2 websites cover issues like politics, election as well as current affairs.


You would be surprised (not anymore after reading this review), they are very good at using video and social networking sites like Facebook, Friendster, MySpace and others to promote themselves.

Most of the politicians blog uses well on web2.0 tools such as blog, video, audio and social network site to form an effective online promotional medium, with more and more politicians are settings up their blogs, you will see the important of blog role especially during the election time.