Yesterday I received an email from my hosting provider, Hostgator about their recent business achievement.

defining-successI wasn’t usual that hostgator send out email, in fact, I can’t remember when was the last time I receive their newsletter. But what I am more interest to share with you my personal opinion on their grow up history.

Brent Oxley started his entrepreneur at early as 11 years old (sixth grade). He sell candy in his school and had all the kids in his neighborhood working for him. Later, he sell watermelons at the age of 14 and started his internet business journey in the college day.

In fact, his internet business pathway is not a superhighway, he has been going through up and down through out the year and think of giving up the business as well, especially working on his web hosting business. To know more about his story, you can read here for details.

I am so inspire about his grow up business and I feel I am going through the same pathway like him and I have been going through the good and bad time like he mentioned in his business history. I don’t know much on technical stuffs, not a good copywriter (there are people even say my write up consists of grammar mistake), designer and not even a good online marketer but what I have is believe in online business.

A lot of people always have the misunderstanding on internet / online business. They thought this is some businesses that they don’t need to work hard to build at the beginning. If you are one of them who think the same way, you should change your mindset by now or give up trying internet business.

People always see how other successful entrepreneurs and like the idea of work from home. However, they refuse to go through the learning curve, they don’t want to commit enough time and efforts to grow the business. I think I can understand the common pitfalls that people are generally lazy, like to stay within the comfort zone and not willing to take up new challenge.

Working on internet business just like starting many other businesses, require determination, discipline, focus, passion and direction. If statistics show 90% of the new business will fail by the end of the first year, another 50% of the remaining 10% will fail in the next 5 years. This figure apply to internet business too.

I remember when I started in early day in 2005, I am getting excited about internet business and wanted to start one. Because I am not focus and discipline enough, I end up not able to achieve my business goal. In fact, I am still struggling until today to make it big.

I have been invited by my friend to start a joint venture and I am a little excited for a while, of course you can predict that I went into different JV and keep myself busy. After a while, I found that those JV doesn’t bear fruit and I have to start a new business venture again.

After reading this write up from Brent Oxley, I realise that focus is the key to success. I am glad that I made up my mind to reject some of the invitation since last year and just focus on my current business model. Right now, I feel like I am on the right track …

How about you? Do you have problem in your internet business? Feel free to share your thought here.