Steven Yap called me for the first time in Dec 07, right after he made several online searches on blogging seminar in Malaysia. I still remember he asked a lot of questions even before signed up my Blogging Coaching Program. He is another hard working students that I came across in last year, for I knew that he has compelling reasons to succeed in blog marketing / blogging.


His site is all about Smart Baby Education System, a topic that currently my wife and I are definitely interest in (my wife got pregnant for 4 months at the moment). It is good to read some of this blog contents, I find it is a very specialize topic about baby right brain development.

His current aims is to get more traffic and he is working in the pipeline and aim to create more niche sites.

Barely after a week he completed the coaching program, he managed to earn his first US Dollar. What a great achievement for him being a newbie. Steven Yap is hold a BA Degree and current work as an administrator. Day time, he works for people from 9am – 5pm. According to him, right after came back from work, he has about 1-2 hours to rest before start working very hard on blogging. He end his part time blogging at midnight 2am.