millionaire_sisters.jpgIt comes to my surprise even Malaysian Wealth Advisor: Hanif sisters (also well known as Millionaire Sisters) use facebook to promote their seminar for Wealth Advisor Recruitment. I have been seeing their advertisement in the local TheStar paper but I didn’t expect they will use Facebook to promote this too.

However, I end up with disappointment when I visited their website. It is still such a really simple page and contains very basic info and just ask people call up the office (at least it is on blogger but not wordpress). I have really no idea whether they knew blog can be the MAIN platform to promote their business INSTEAD of Facebook. Seems like they will still continue using Facebook. Maybe it wasn’t their own idea but Idham Idris (creator of this facebook group) to advertise in Facebook, but he definitely overlook into this.


Setting up a blog is only cost you merely US$94 (approx RM325.00) a year and I have no idea why they didn’t allocate extra RM325 for blog site setup. The only things I knew was they spent a lot in the Star paper and (maybe) try for more effective, lower cost online advertising.

This is really a sad part of Malaysian entrepreneurs who still overlook on the power of blog marketing. If you are like Millionaire Sisters and you like to look for blog marketing expert to setup your blog, you can contact me for assistance. You can even want to look at my offer to setup your blog for FREE.

Disclaimer: Neither this post nor the author intend to launch personal attack to Millioaire Sister and her online marketing partners. This is just a critic over some of the Malaysian websites. If you feel this post is uncomfortable to you, write to me and I will remove this post.

After the site review, they have installed a blogger platform! At least they are working out something to improve.