2 more days, we will say goodbye to 2008!

Are you happy with your achievement and result in 2008? What have you done so far?

For me, I would say things work out smoothers for me in 2008. Thanks to the last new year resolution and I got all my goal achieved plus some bonuses achievement. Read my last year post about the 2008 new year’s resolution.

A lot of people say new year resolution won’t work for them. I tend to agree with them but with different opinions. A new year resolution will work only if you write and work on your new year’s resolution. Here is my suggestion when you write your new year’s resolution.

new-year-resolution 1. Think Seriously
New year is like goal settings, are you serious about your goal next year? You need to think about what you want in 2009.

2. Draw Out Your Plan
You have pen down your 2009 new year resolution by now, it’s the time to find out the way on how you can make it happen to you. Draw out a plan on how to achieve it.

3. Work On It
Yes, action speak louder! If you have work out the above 2 steps, it’s time to work on it. Nothing will happen if you don’t put in an efforts to work on your goal. Achievers are action oriented person.

If you are serious about your 2009 new year resolution, I found these 2 articles can give you details guideline, check out here:

1. How to Make a New Year’s Resolution from eHow.com

2. How to Set New Year’s Resolution for Yourself and Your Business from HowToDoThings.com

If you don’t have any idea about what to set in your new year’s resolution and wondering about what other people set for their new year’s resolution, read this list of top 10 new year’s resolutions. You will surprise that the top 10 items in the list are not about making more money.

Here’s a short video clips I found on YouTube about settings your own new year’s resolution

Okay, after reading so much about my sharing on how to set new year’s resolution, you might ask what is mine by the way?

My 2009 New Year’s Resolution will be more specific and it is as below:

1. Coach 200 People
Last year, I started off the Profit Blogging Coaching program with Melvin Ng. This year I want to help 200 people who are interest to learn blogging and build passive income stream via this virtual real estates.

2. Re-launch All Niche Video
This video tutorial site can provide more video tutorial contents and I want put up at least one video every monthly.

3. Build 20 Niche Blogs
I was busy to setup the Profit Blogging Coaching Program last year and didn’t really spend time on building niche blogs. This year I want to spend more time to build my own niche blogs.

4. Regular Exercise
Nothing can be more important than my own health. I didn’t spend enough time in this area in 2008 and I can see my body gave me signal and complaint to me.

5. Spend Time with My Family Members
Having a new baby girl, there are a lot of new things to learn and take care of. I definitely need to spend time to bring her up. Next, spend more time my wife who are being my great supporter in business and family direction. Of course, not to miss out my parent and siblings too who are staying in various places.

6. Spiritual Growth
I started very well last year on the path to walk with God but tends to backslide towards second half of the year. Probably due to the busy works and also taking care of the new born baby. This year, I want to keep that "walk" consistent.

7. Stay Focus
I want to master this skill so that I can work on the project / works more efficient.

Wow, look like there are so many items I want to achieve in 2009. Well, one of the reasons is to expand my capacity in handlings works and on the other hands, I want to work smarter (oops … look like is another resolution of mine)

It’s also part of the signs that I want to handle more things with confident. How about you? What have you done for 2008? Have you wanted something but you didn’t achieve that? Would you like to make year 2009 is your year of return?

Okay, enough of serious talks on new year’s resolution. Lastly, I would like to show you this funny video from YouTube about this topic. Hope you enjoy!