I saw this advertisement from local newspaper, the Sun yesterday. It is the headline "Be A Blogger. Be A HyppBlogger" attract me to find out the details. This free blog launching date is unknown and believe setup in last year. There are about 300 – 450 users registered so far.


I went to check out the website and discovered that, this is a WordPress MU Powered Blog Network setup by BlueHyppo. This very much like WordPress.com free blog site, you can register an account and start blogging without paying any pennies. Here is how the HyppBlogger site look like:


I wonder how this multi-users blog different from WordPress MU, to kill my curiosity. I have registered one account named Blog Marketing before any one taken it, and this is what my new blog at HyppBlogger look like:


Review on HyppBlogger

After playing around with it for 15 minutes, this is what I discovered:

  • HyppBlogger is an modified version of multi-users blog based on WordPress MU platform. Look likes the modification is not complete, there are some bugs when I was constructing my first blog post. I can’t even delete the default post made by the wordpress.
  • The pre-installed themes are either too plain or boring, not much choices can select. The screenshot you saw above probably the most suitable theme I ever can select my from admin menu.
  • As mentioned, there are some bugs on the blog that stop me from writing, editing, deleting my post properly.
  • The registration process is very misleading and doesn’t actually create a blog for me automatically (refer to the screenshot below), as I didn’t receive any notification email from the blog system. I have to go through another step in order to create my blog and that link also not stated in the site. If you want to register a blog, you can go to this link directly.


There are limited functions in this free-hosted blog compare to self hosted blog like this Blog Marketing main blog and Jokes Blog.

There are not many sites powered by WordPress MU CMS. So far, I only discovered a few and you these are blog sites I knew:

StarCeleb – TV Reality show that searching for new born local celebrities that screened in local TV station, NTV7.

Le Monde – Newspapers and Magazines website

Harvard University – Free blogs for the Harvard Community, anyone who studying in Harvard University and associated Universities and Colleges.