In view of the exercise to re-arrange my previous blog posts, I am beginning to relocate some of the blog posts from Internet Online to Steven Wong Blog.

Don’t get me wrong as this move isn’t a sign of discontinue to update my previous blog which is still has PR4 from the recent google updates. The reason behind this is I want to re-define Internet Online blog theme (topic) later on. Currently, I have no decided what topic I want to focus on that blog. At least from now, this blog will focus more on blog marketing related contents.

I will update this blog post from time to time for other blog post which I intend to move over to here. Below is the list of blog posts that have completed the relocation exercise:

1. Interview with Dr. Izad from Blog

2. WYSIWYG Editor helps my life much easier (at least in blogging)

3. Use 3 way links to boost up your SERP ranking

4. Askimet + WP-Ban = The Best Plugin Combination to Combat Spam



Moving Moving Picture courtesy from Dave Shelton.