Today is my 34th and also my new blog’s birthday.

Why do I select today the official birthday for my blog?

Well, the reason is quite simple. I am a simple man, I want to keep everything as simple as possible. (quoted from Eddie Leong, my student of WordPress Blogging Seminar).


Remember someone’s birthday is not easy (except our own). Imagine you have to remember birthday for your wife, parents, best friends, friends, business partners & associates, relatives, pets, etc ……. You will feel the same like me. will be focusing on blog marketing, helping people create their online present to market their products and services. If you are planning to create a website by now, you can certainly forget that idea. As the blog (with the themes and plugis) functions able to convert an normal plain blog become a website. And yet it is easy to maintain in long run.

The focus mostly for Malaysian market. I am going to help more business entrepreneurs to create their online present via blog marketing.

However, if you are from outside Malaysia, I can still communicate with you via email or skype. I am able to work on that method. In fact, I do receive inquiries from overseas to install and optimise their blog.

There is nothing better than this web2.0 stuffs to help ordinary people to promote products & services online without learning the webpage HTML stuffs.

Check out more from this blog from time to time about blog marketing.

Well, for today, since it is a birthday of mine and this blog, I am not going to work from now. I am declaring a day off for myself for today as well as in future birthday. So, don’t call me today to talk about business, call me tomorrow.

What are you waiting for? Wish me a happy birthday la.

See you soon!