Just came across this very true and simple definitions of FOCUS. A lot of people (including myself) tend to forget it and wanted to do as many things as possible but really end up with not achieving success in our life.


I look forward will be more focus in year 2008 and work one step closer to my goal.


Recently I just signed up for a FREE Simpleology 101 course by Mark Joyner. This online course taught me on how to spend lesser time but achieved more results over the time. It is relatively useful to help me to stay focus on my business / projects. I really can see the significant improvement after I have gone through the 20 days lesson. Try it yourself and you will know how I feel when I discovered this FREE course. I don’t know when the Mark is going to change his mind, I think it is better to sign up now before Mark going to stop the free subscription forever.

I wish you will be getting all the best result from this and help you to stay focus, have fun!