Year 2007 is officially gone with a lot of sweet and sour memories. Today is my first day working on blogging business in new year. I created this post as I felt it is necessary for me being reminded on my 2008 plan through out this year.

Many people out there are busy making their resolutions for 2008. I agreed with Khai’s new year post, it is no point to make a new year’s resolutions if you already have in mind.

I bet millions of people all over the world are getting their pens and papers out (or the techie’s case – laptop…) ready to write their new year’s resolutions…

After all, the new year is coming… might as well get a new life don’t you think?

Not me… I know it is pointless to set new year’s resolutions.


Because I’ve already set my goals.

But don’t get me wrong here, I’m not saying that making new year’s resolutions is totally not good. In fact, if you haven’t gotten any plan for 2008 yet, I urge you to create one ASAP. Pen it down so that you can see the vision clearer.

I try not to look into my new year resolution BUT review from the past year achievement and come out with a review version. You might wondering why do I need to review since I too, have already got my plan?

Well, I guess different people works differently, I can’t work well until I put down on the paper. If you visited my office, you will see I have a medium size whiteboard written full with plan and direction. This is going to help me on getting the right directions, especially if we are like me being information overloaded.

In short, I want to focus on 2 big and 2 small area. Let look into the details.


This year will be an expanding year for my blogging seminar business. My plan is to run it on bigger setup and looking into regional expansion too.

For certain reasons, I decided to end the partnership with May and I am actively seeking a new partner to fund this project right now.

The revamp plan will need about RM80K – RM160K in investment. If you are interested to invest into a sound business plan with the above investment amount, you might want to contact me for details. Smile

cute-baby Family

Yes, you guest it right. I am going to be father soon. My wife told me she is in 9 weeks pregnancy now. I was so excited about this news and you can expect I am busy too, running here and there as husband, driver and cook.

Basically, anything she can’t do (except her job) and I will need to take over. It is going to be a totally new experience for me this year onwards.

My baby girl gave birth on 21st July, 2008 and she is growing healthy and steadily. Here is her little blog that I created and put up some cute photos of her over the time. She like almost like this photo I put up. Is it a co-incident or the law of attraction works!?


The other day, Melvin told me he has cholesterol and this remind me continue to take care of my health issue. I knew from my mum experience, if you didn’t take care of it, your life span might just bring down to 40 – 50 (My mum passed away in the young age 43 due to multiple illnesses).

Health is not just about eating good food but also having enough work out and enough rest. There are friends that I knew work 7 days a week without enough rest, which I am worry and think it is too much. Our body also need rest in order to work for longer journey.

You can’t take it for granted or assume you are still young and strong.


Being a new believer, there are a lot more to learn and improve in terms of spiritual growth. I am glad that my growth in this area has been progress. I will continue to seek God and develop my faith into “HIM“.

Lastly, I like to bring my new year greetings to you like this:

Look forward, plan ahead, have a balance growth on your money, family, health and spiritual. You can live your life happily and you can decide how to live, it is in your hand.

God Bless You Abundantly in 2008.