… I Know Nothing about Blogging But I Made USD$1.94 in 7 Days …

Steven Wong really is expert in blogging. He designed the course in such a way that so easy to follow. With the solid step by step guidance I am able to setup blog with 30 minutes. Besides that, he also uncovered everything that need to know for generating FREE traffic, rank high in Search Engine as well as monetization.

Steven Wong revealed all he knows about WordPress blogging and this secret can’t be found nowhere. He is definitely is one of the best. I would recommend to you this blogging seminar if you are intended to learn how to make money online.

Steven Yap

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… Very Helpful and Provide Good Support …

Steven had been very helpful and provide good support during and after the blogging seminar.

I am extremely impressed with their commitment to guide newbie like me to blog with WordPress.

Steve had definitely convinced me that:

To blog, WordPress is the right tool.

To learn about blogging, this seminar is definitely the right choice!!!

The seminar is highly recommended for those who yearn to blog for success!

Eric Choo
Coating Formula Guide
USJ, Selangor

Fast Track Approach to Have Your Blog Up and Running Quickly and Painlessly

If you have no time for trial-and-error DIY-style, the workshop is the fast-track approach to have your blog up and running quickly and painlessly with all the essential bells and whistles thrown in.

My salute to the organisers’ patience.

Ellen Wong
Bukit Jalil, Selangor

… Complete and Simple That Even A Newbie Can Pick Up The Skill in a Very Short Time …

We would like to thank Steven who has guided us in his blogging seminar which is very comprehensive, giving us step by step instructions, it is so complete and simple that even a newbie can pick up the skill in a very short time and start doing a real business online. Steven only speaks of what he has personally used and tested without mincing any words and he tells it just as it is.

One thing we found missing in most seminars is the support given before and after the training. But Steven’s seminar comes with undivided pre and post-support to ensure that you put into practice what you have learnt. He even gave us personal one to one coaching. Steven even gives his mobile number for us to call him if we encounter any problem along the way. Who has heard of this kind of support?

He also cares enough to work toward our success. Not just in word, but a person who walk the talk. What really impressed us is his sincerity and commitment towards your online business success. This seminar has given us value for every cent we have invested.

We will definitely recommend this seminar to everyone regardless of whether you have blogging knowledge or not as it is suitable for all.

From your students:
C. A Chan and Jane
Dotcom Mastermind Group
Kuala Lumpur / Selangor

CA-Chan-small Jane-small

… His Blogging Tips and Strategies Useful and Not Too Difficult to Implement …

I was enjoying my well-earned holiday in KL when I came across this ad about how to learn to blog. After I attended the (3-hours seminar) preview, I was impressed enough to be one of the first to sign up!

Owing to the fact, my return flight was only about a week away, Steven was most helpful and kind enough to make special arrangement for me to take part.

The Blogging Workshop was conducted to my satisfaction. When I got to know more about Steven, I found them to be both very hardworking, knowledgeable and caring teacher. There was enough time for practical hands on sessions in the classroom. The instructor was able to answer all questions to my satisfaction. I found his blogging tips and strategies useful and not too difficult to implement. I would say that the blogging training content was adequate to start an average learner off in WordPress Blogging.

Regardless, I would personally give this Blogging Workshop a high satisfaction rating, and would certainly recommend it to my friends.

Eddy Cheong
Just Fancy This


… Has Provided A Basic and An User Friendly Platform for Non-IT expert to Learn How To Blog …

Thanks Steven for his guidance and attentive coaching on the web blogging workshop.

It is impossible to learn everything but the course has provided a basic and an user friendly platform for non IT expert to learn how to blog.
Steven has also been very supportive throughout the course. Besides that, it would be more advantageous if you have interest or passion on certain things and would like to share it with the people around the world.

Thus, I would said you will gain more if you know what you want. Thus, do some research on your own topic, you will then be able to gain the most from the course.

Thanks again to Steven for his guidance during the course!

Phyllis Pang
Currently In China

… I’m Confident My Blog will Blossom with the Constant, Ever-Ready Support and Encouragement …

Personal, friendly and down to earth coaching and approach are the many reasons I choose to attend the blogging workshop by Steven.

Not only do they make blogging easy to understand, Steven had also provided the seed and sunshine to plant, nurture and grow blog, for newbies or experienced bloggers.

I am confident my blog will blossom with the constant, ever-ready support and encouragement from Steven.

Best Regards,
Wong Sook Chin


… How Easy It Is To Change Blog Themes in Seconds …

“While I was busy modifying my website design, in which I have already spent weeks doing that, May and Steven have shown me how easy it is to change blog themes in seconds and all the content and items in the pages can be re-arrange easily. Without any doubt, both May and Steven have proofed their expertise and knowledge in blogging and this workshop is really an eye-opener for me.

I believe the new knowledge I acquired will definitely be very useful for me to further enhance my company’s business and I would like to thank them very much for the knowledge shared.”

Thank you and best regards.

Lee Te Hua
Managing Director
TH IT Resources Centre Sdn Bhd
Subang Jaya, Selangor


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