Early this month, I received another call from my blogging coaching student, he ask me some question about PayPal withdrawal. At first, I thought he just want to find out how to withdraw PayPal fund (I teach my students about PayPal withdrawal as part of the coaching session).

Later when I find out how much he has to withdraw, he told me that’s about USD$1,000+ and all this income was generated in the last 3 months from his first and the only blog. The most important is he has stop posting new contents in February 08 due to lack on new input.


Immediately, my mind told me that – Wow! That was really an outstanding result produced from a newbie who know nothing about blogging last year, went for a one-to-one coaching with me in December 2007 and eventually start making auto-pilot income beginning of this year.

Well done and I look forward to hear more good news from him!