I completed Full Gospel Tabernacle blog CMS website on last month. Now, I would like to share with you the new blog CMS website that I have done.

Apparently, I attended this church since 2005 and I knew they have a website build on another CMS platform. One day I spoke to one of the Pastor about the church website is not user friendly and it can be better if this website build on wordpress blog CMS platform. Of course pastor is happy about my suggestion and the rest is the history by now.

Here are the screenshot Before and after:

Before (from Archive.org)


After (Current)


USER FRIENDLY Features is the biggest different between of the old and the new website. It is not just about the visitors experience but also the staffs who handle the content update. I found out that even the trained staffs are having difficulty to update the content on the website. They find it very frustrated because of the not-so user friendly CMS system in those day.

However, after the new website launch, the staffs are more happy to use this platform to update the contents on daily basis. In fact, they are just gone through a very short training on how to use the blog CMS system and I still waiting them to provide me the date for the full training.

Here is what Senior Pastor said about the new website:

Steven Wong has helped us create our website using WordPress. The entire effort to port over the existing website and revamp the look and feel took less than 2 months.

We like the plugins – they offer many functions with minimal effort and no cost. Updating the website with new information and photos have never been easier!!!

Do visit us at www.fgt2u.org.

~ Ps. Hong Seng, Senior Pastor, Full Gospel Tabernacle.

The new website look more attractive and dynamics in terms of contents presentation. I would definitely able to find where to listen the audio sermon if I have skipped the Sunday service. Yeah, they do have come out with the attractive events as well, do check out the parent day which will be on next week Sunday. I will be performing in Choir Singing as well.