Do you have blogs that make in between $10 – $100 or more per month?

Have you think about selling off these blogs that not making a lot of passive income?

I have a 2 blogs which I have been receiving consistent monthly passive income of USD$70 in the past one year. When come to domain renewal, I decided to sell it off last month instead of continue maintain it.

What I do is I put up listings in last month and I managed to sell it off for USD$800.

Here is the for sale listing:

Laptop Skin


Powerpoint Slides


This doesn’t sound a lots of money, but when I showed to my friend, Steven Yap and he did the same thing like I, he managed to sell blogs for whopping US$5,000 recently.


The reason his blog managed to sell better price compare to mine is his blog earning is much higher.

If you have blogs you intend to sell it off, you can do the same to cash out the profit up front, instead of waiting for another 5-10 months.

This week I am listing more blogs for sale. This is one of the blog I intend to offer for sale:

Budget Insurance

This is a high payment keyword niche and come with 10 unique contents. Do check out the listing details about this blogs.


If you are interest to buy this blog, you can either make an offer to me or you can head on to (by clicking the link here) to make a bid price. The bidding price begin from $47 and the buy it now (BIN) is at US$147.

Updates: This blog sold within 3 days of listings!