tunemoney-debit-cardToday I read the local paper about the official launch of Tune Money Visa Debit Card. Seems like we have another option for PayPal withdrawal, haven’t we? So, I quickly check out the Tune Money’s website and find out the details about this cards.

Below information are what you can get from the new Visa Debit Card.

  • Instant online approval
  • No interest fees
  • Cash withdrawal at ATM machines worldwide
  • No late charges
  • View your transactions online on real time
  • No income checks


There is an annual fee of RM9.99 for the basic card, besides the fees for lost / replacement / damaged card as well as other charges: tunemoney-debit-card-charge-2

Like some other overseas debit cards, it is not free to perform the transactions, you got to pay RM0.10 – RM20.00 for different charges. tunemoney-debit-card-charge-1

If you keen to get this card, you can apply online with 2 conditions:
1. Must be above 18 years old
2. You must not come from high risk nature business such as casinos and junket operator.
Initial RM50.00 top-up is required when you apply for the card, you can to-up your card by using online or offline payment. Make sure your browsers are javascript enabled so that it won’t interrupt the registration process.
Just wondering are these 2 business allow to operate in Malaysia? Open-mouthed It could be another option for According to Azlan aka Lankapo that this card work for PayPal local withdrawal. If Tune Money Debit Card works out able to help us to withdraw Paypal fund, indeed, it is another good news for us as SOHO who keen to know more options for us. Apparently I believe it is not ready for PayPal yet. According to the TuneMoney.com, the cash back, international money remittances and other features is not ready yet. I would say this is very much a basic card. Like the slogan of its parent company, AirAsia; everyone can apply Tune card now! In conjunction to this official launching, Tune Money is offering 1,000 free cards, grab it before the offer is over.

Tune Money has announced earlier on about the launch of the debit card. Mark & Alex have actually put up the write up earlier on in August & September, 2007.

May 2008 Updates: Finally I applied for Tune Money card this month after heard that E-Trade (US Bank) temporary block Malaysians from ATM withdrawal. It was quite fast during the online application process, took me less than 10 minutes to register. However, they are very specific registration such as login username and password must contains letter and numbers. I see that requirement is good but is a bit troublesome. People might just forget it sometimes later, I hope I won’t forget mine sooner or later. I will walk in to Pos Malaysia to collect my card on tomorrow.

August 2008 Updates: Tune Money Launched New Customer Care Number.