evergreen-laurel-hotel-1aLast week I run the Profit Blogging Workshop in Penang and Ipoh for the first time with Melvin Ng and the support staff. All I can said is, this trip is quite rush and tiring as we have a blogging workshop in Crystal Crown Hotel in PJ on Thursday. Then, the next day morning, we drove up to Penang and run the workshop on Friday evening and stop at Ipoh on Saturday afternoon for another workshop.

Probably, the next round we would stay longer and meet up with a few more friends there. I met with Sean Tan and David Kwan for the first time. Sean Tan was my customer of All Niche Video then turn to good friend while David is partner to another friends of mine and I heard about his name several times before meet up.

I enjoy the Penang food like Char Kui Teow, Penang Laksa, Prawn Mee so much … Anyway, I forgot to take pictures with our friends and food, sorry guys. :P

We stay in the Evergreen Laurel Hotel which in my opinion is the best hotel I ever stay in Penang. I like this hotel as it is located at Persiaran Gurney, the moment you step out the hotel, we can see the excellence sea front view. People like me who miss the sea view very much will be happy to see it again and again. The last time I went to seaside was like one year ago. Here is the outside view of the hotel.


Besides that, I like this hotel as they are probably a fewer hotels in Malaysia that offering complimentary broadband usage. What else you need more as online entrepreneurs and marketers when you go to a new place?


This is a hotel room that I stay on Friday night, it is very simple and clean design. According to my staff, she told me this is a 5-star hotel.


My hotel room is facing to the city view and this is the picture I took from my hotel room. According to Sean Tan, this is one of the most expansive condominium in Penang.


Another plus point about this hotel, they are very environmental friendly. You will able to see these tags in the hotel.



Basically they will ask the hotel guess to have a good practice to reduce on water and detergence usage, if you would like to help the hotel, then just follow their given instructions.

For the blogging workshop, there are many people turned up for the session. Of course, many of them are still undecided to sign up. We would be grateful if there are still that many people turn up in next round. Below is some of the pictures I managed to take during the workshop.





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