Last week Friday I read on the newspaper on the newly launched Maybank Visa Debit Card. I am glad more local banks start offering Visa debit card facility.

To review whether this Visa debit card compatible to PayPal withdrawal, I spend sometimes to read on Maybank website, and here is the quick summary for your info:

- Max daily withdrawal limit: RM5,000.

- Daily accumulated purchase limit is RM500 and you can increase it anytime via bank’s ATM or over the counter branches to RM5,000.

- First four withdrawal is FREE while a service charge of RM0.50 per transactions per card chargeable from the fifth cash withdrawal transaction onwards per month. However, service charge will be waived if your savings or current account has a balance of above RM5,000 at the time of withdrawal or the withdrawal amount is RM1,500.

- Service charge for withdrawal transaction for:

  • Maybank’s Group ATM in Singapore, Brunei and Philippines: RM2 each
  • MEPS network: RM1 each
  • Visa Plus Network: RM12 each

- Existing Maybank ATM card holders can convert their cards with the one time cost of RM12. It is also the same cost for card replacement.

- However, if you used up to 7 years (upon the expiry date, you will get the replacement at FOC).

- Earn 1 TreatPoint for every RM3 purchases.

- No annual fees, monthly interest rates or late charges.

The question now is: Can Maybank Visa Debit cards compatible to PayPal withdrawal? I search on the web and try to find any review on that, unfortunately, there is no review so far. The closest was Uncle FL Sam on his withdrawal to Maybank Visa Credit Card. 

So, I called up this morning to Maybank Customer Service to find out the details. The Maybank staff that I spoke to also not sure whether it is workable. After 20 minutes checking and waiting, she told me "NO" for PayPal withdrawal.

I have not test myself on Maybank Visa debit card so if you have successfully withdraw through your Maybank Visa debit card, please let my readers and me know the details.