I was informed by my Internet Marketing buddies, Sean Tan & Matt Ng on the PayPal withdrawal issue. Right now, PayPal allow Malaysians to withdraw into your credit, debit or prepaid cards. Indeed it is a good news which PayPal didn’t announce it over the weekend. This is a long await moments when most of the Malaysians who are make a living online (especially newbies) are eagerly to find out the solution to withdraw their PayPal funds.

I went to check on PayPal website and trying to find out whether is there any official press releases on this news (eventually I can’t find any). However, in the PayPal official website has updated the info and this good news is NOT only for Malaysian but 26 other countries.


Seems like PayPal is open up this option and allowing more coutries to be able to withdraw locally. We are looking forward to PayPal will be able to allow to withdraw into our local bank one day.

What are you waiting for? If you haven’t start using PayPal as an option to accept payment for your online business, sign up a PayPal account today.