Time passes really fast, this weekend is the most waited event for this year. Have you registered for the convention yet?

It’s a 1 day event from morning 8.30am till afternoon 5pm. I was told the registration fee is RM100/person (Special Group Discount at RM50/person for the participants of 3). It is covered the lunch and the materials.

logoWhile if you are not interest to attend one full day event, you can always drop by to visit the exhibition which held concurrently from 18th – 20th Jan. Check out the details here.

If you are not sure why you should go, read my last month’s post about the 3 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Join The Malaysian Youth Entrepreneur Convention.

If you are looking for partners to sign up on the special group discount, feel free to contact me and I am can help to arrange for the group sign up. At the moment I have 2 people want to join me. Anyone who join together will be bonus and you don’t need to find partners elsewhere.

List of Names Have Confirm With Me:

  1. Myself
  2. Sunny Tan
  3. Jessica Ho
  4. Kay Kastum
  5. Phun Yan Yan
  6. Phun Zai Xi
  7. Sri Murigak Madhavan
  8. Steven Yap
  9. Siti Aishah Abdul Aziz

You are looking partner to go together, you can still submit here and I can help to monitor the grouping for you. I have submitted name for No. 1 to No. 9 on first and second round. It you are just looking for partner, please leave comment here so that you can get in to the 2nd submission. It’s Friday now, I assume no more interest to join the grouping by now. Hence, I am not doing any follow from now. You are ask to register with the organiser directly.

Called up the office and check, they said for group registration must register in the multiply of 3 persons. Don’t know what is the reason, seem like very silly requirement for group registrations. The process for group registration is quite confusing, I suggest you write to youth08@youthmalaysia.com, attention to Ms Jessica for the group registration instead of using the web form.

Make sure you enclosed the full name, contact number, and email and once they received your application, they will send you the details. 

Latest update on 18/01/08:

Just read the updates from LiewCF and HongKiat‘s blogs and found out they are really amateur to handle many things. Well, I will prepare for tomorrow messy jobs. However, I wish they will learn from today events so that they can handle better on tomorrow and Sunday. God Bless them.

Paul Tan, hopefully you won’t upset so much on tomorrow, and look forward to meeting up with you and congratulates on your winning to the grand prize (I hope so, based on the reported voting results).

Do check out their event programmes, there are a lot of events waiting for you to attend.