Last month, I was reading on the announcement from Google Adsense Blog on new payment method via Western Union. It’s a quick cash payment option allows you receive your payment immediate the day after the payment date. I was very excited to read this after received good news about PayPal allowed withdrawal via Visa cards for 26 Asia Pacific countries in end of September 07.

If you are used to receive check payment and want to change to Western Union Quick Cash, you need to do the following 2 steps in order to make it works for you:

  • Make sure your payee name is correct according to your IC/Photo ID name,
  • Change payment option to “Western Union Quick Cash”.

You may find it not easy to get the steps in google help although it is well written. I have compiled the steps by steps to let you change your payment option easily.

1) Login your Adsense account and follow the step below to check your current payment settings: Adsense account > My Account > Account Settings > Payee information > Edit


2) You need to check your Payee name record is correct according to your IC / Photo ID record, then you can proceed to step 7 to change the payment option. If not, you need to click on contact us link to change the record.


3) Select “Want To Change My Payee Name” option and click on the “Continue” button.


4) Enter the correct name into “Desired Payee Name” column.


5) Next, you got to do some verification before can submit your request. Follow the instruction 1-6 to enter your first registered impression day and number of impression.


6) Wait for 48 hours or longer before the new record updated.


7) Now, login your account again, select “Setup Western Union Quick Cash” then press “Continue”.


That’s all you need to do, wait until end of the month (normally on 25th day of the month), login to your adsense account to check the payment status. If Google approve your payment, then you just need to walk in to your nearest Western Union Agent to cash out your payment. Remember to bring your withdrawal information as below:


In Malaysia, you can go to CIMB Bank or POS Malaysia. I use CIMB bank for withdrawal as it is free! You can refer to the guide on how to fill in the form below.


I am not sure charging rate about POS Malaysia. If you have used POS Malaysia for withdrawal, please let me know.

To find out your nearest Western Union Agents, you can check out the websites below for details: