I used Camtasia sometimes ago on my video tutorial recording. You can see the first video that I uploaded to YouTube. 



Since then, there are many people ask me how to record a video and they want to do the same. However, they end up with disappointment because I told them they need to purchase a software which is cost at USD$299 (176 £) for a brand new version and the upgrade version.

Today, I was told Camtasia offering downloadable trial version of its video recording software, Camtasia Studio v3 for a limited time basis. If you are looking for a legal version now, go here to download now before this promotion is over!!

Don’t get me wrong, this is an offer from Camtasia and entire legal. I have downloaded my copy earlier on today and registered my license key. You can registered your camtasia studio v3 here offer ended.


Camtasia also offers you to upgrade to the latest version for just 88 £, 50% off the full retails price! You can take advantage of using this software now. Camtasia Rock!! Wink