I received a SMS from Matt Ng after I come back from the met up with him this afternoon. In deed it is a good news about ClickBank and I like to share with you here.

Dear friends,

Clickbank is now opened to Malaysians. Wooohoo!

I thought it could be just a temporary mistake made by Clickbank as Matt Ng mentioned that was a mistake last year, so what I did was, I register myself a new Malaysian Account. True enough this time, I managed to get through and activated my Clickbank account.


This is the email I received on the confirmation code, every new clickbank account open will need to verify the account through this method.


My new account profile screen shot. As you can see there, date opened stated today, 25 April 2008.


What A joy for Malaysians Internet Marketers or anyone who make money online. This new rule could be just started and there is no official news announced in the clickbank website, we just wait and see the official news release.

At the meantime, I would urge to seize this opportunity to sign up NOW! Who knows it could be another temporary measure that allow Malaysians to register. Don’t regret that you can’t register when the door is shut down.