2 words I can use to describe from the last week Profit Blogging Workshop – Tired but Excited!

Melvin and I organised 3 session last week, and it turned out very good response. To my surprise, even my ex-partner also turned up our blogging seminar.

The seminar rooms was packed with people who are eager to learn how to make money blogging. Estimated there are more than 100 people came to these 3 FREE blogging workshop. Here are some of the photos we took during the first workshop, it is not very clear and I hope I will take some more this week to show up in my blog in next review.


I shared some blogging tips during the first blogging workshop


Melvin in Action, the most handsome shot!


I was outside the seminar room, talking to my friend, Mum Wai.


People registered at the booth.


Seminar crowds view from behind.


Another shot on Melvin in action. He spoke moderate well although he said this is the first time he spoke in public.


My last year student, Sook Chin shared her live testimonial.


Another student of mine in last year, CA Chan shared his live testimonial.


Melvin adjust the powerpoint slides while presenting his secrets on blogging.


Our friend, Khai share his live testimonial on how he uses simple blogging setup and 1 page blog to help him make USD1,000 on Auto-pilot!! That’s was really impressive to many people.

Melvin and I want to thank you to our friends, Khai, Yuenn, Alfred, Dennis, Clement, Victor and my past student Sook Chin and Chan to help out during the last week workshop. I would say we won’t able to organise it well without your help. We also want to thanks for your feedbacks and will implement ideas which is deemed able to help us to improve further.

Due to the overwhelm response, we decided to run another 3 session this week. If you have missed out last week blogging workshop, you can register for FREE here. However, I would like to remind you to do it now as the seats is very limited. Once all the seats taken up, we will not accepting any registration. So, go ahead and register now before being disappointed.