Last Saturday I read the The Star paper about Datuk Tony Fernandes also join the blogosphere, become the latest CEO blogger in Malaysia.


According to his first blog post – Welcome Aboard, the reason he setup this blog is to provide another platform to keep in touch with people despite of his busy schedule. With the started his blog – The Entrepreneur, I believe there will be more and more corporate CEO would join the boat soon.

In fact, I have conducted a research when I was preparing this write up, I found out there are 2 more blogs that setup by AirAsia and executive – Tengku Zafrul.

AirAsia’s corporate blog on the other hand, believe written by the staffs of AirAsia. They setup this blog probably inspired by Malaysia Airlines moves on setup the corporate blog early this year. In fact, TNB also have started corporate blogging same time with Malaysia Airlines blog but gain less popularity since the launch in April 2008.

CEO bloggers are very common in overseas. Corporate CEO like Randy from Boeing, Edison from GE Global Research, Jonathan Schwart from Sun Microsystem, and many others have been blogging for years from now. Malaysian CEOs begun to look into the usage of corporate blog as the unique branding recently, probably after the politics tsunami in March 2008.

If you want to find out more overseas ceo blog examples, do check out the the list of the top 15 corporate blog according to Mario Sundar and top 10 CEO blogs by Corporate Leaders Blogs. There are plenty of corporate blogs example there.