Can you imagine what are you or your son/daughter doing when you/they are 17 years old??

Still hang out with high school friends?

Trying to study hard to pass your school exam?

Kill your time by chatting with your myspace, friendster and online friends?

Play TV / Playstation games?

ashley-qualls-whateverlifeIt might not the same for Ashley Qualls as she is already busy managing her influential and lucrative online business – In just two years, she already made more than $1 million in ad revenue!

Currently her website attracts more than 7 million visitors a month. Whateverlife has larger visitors traffic compare to some of the famous sites like CosmoGirl,, and even

Like some of the accident internet entrepreneur, Ashley started Whateverlife as a hobby. She figured out how to design very nice MySpace layouts for her friends. When she posted them for friends online and managed to attract more visitors when the word spread in the MySpace community. More and more audiences turn up and she has to sign up for Google Adsense to earn some revenue to pay off her server fee. Today, her ad revenue reaches as much as $70,000 a month!

Whateverlife has becoming a more effective viral tool in marketing new CDs and movies. She managed to help boy band Jones Brothers reached out to 60,000 in MySpace pages and the song Mandy hit No. 4 on MTV’s Total Request Live, without any radio play.

Last year, Ashley turned down MySpace co-founder Brad Greenspan’s offer to buy over Whateverlife at the bid offer value for more than US$1.5 million and US$2.8 million respectively. In fact, Ashley is not in the hurry to sell off her popular site and she want to see how far she can make it.

In September issue of Fast Company, Ashley was a highlight in a featured article “Girl Power”. You can read more about the story here.

Check out the other 2 sites from Ashley:

1.Whateverlife Magazine – online magazine dedicated for you and your voice.

2. Snazzy Boot Forums – A discussion board from where you get cute, free layouts, myspace layouts, graphics, tutorials, etc.