I was trying out Semiologic WYSIWYG plugin. It doesn’t take so much of my time to install in my blog. I realized that this plugin help me so much in writing and editing on the blog post.

You can see the default wordpress editor here:



As you compare to this very much powerful wysiwyg plugin here:

sem-wysiwyg editor plugin

Below are the significant improvements I discovered on using this plugin:

  1. Video post – previously I need to turn off the rich text editor to insert the youtube or google video but now, I have no longer to repeat these steps. I can post directly from my new rich text editor.


  2. Full screen editor – the default wordpress editor can’t do this. Most of the time, I have to copy out the whole contents and edit in my dreamweaver. Right now I can do it from my rich text editor.


  3. Insert Image – Sometimes I like to include boarder and space for the picture, right now I can do it so much easier.


  4. Paragraph format – inserting H1, H2 or normal text and different sized for different headlines and blog contents no longer a challenge job for me in the new editor.


What I like to use more in the coming posting:

  1. Create button & bullet form – To create more creative post style instead of the plain text post.
  2. Strikethrough, superscript, subscript – You can create post like cancel, formula or scientific terms such as mc2, O2 easily.
  3. Insert smiley & special character – Another 2 features that help the post look so much interactive. ?
  4. Change text & background color – It helps me to highlight certain words or background easily.
  5. Spell check – this one is a must for blogging. You don’t want your readers left comments to you and tell you that there is a spell check error, do you? Unless you want to create more comments intentionally.

This plugin is part of the Semiologic pro package (which sell at US$295). However, if you just want to get this plugin, you can purchase from them at US$25.

However, I suggest you take a look of the total Semiologic pro package before purchase this as there are a lot more good features from this package, including:

  • Ad Spaces
  • Contact Form
  • Newsletter manager
  • Mediacaster
  • Etc …

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