Last year, I have tested a pilot project to boost up my Search Engine Result Page (SERP) . I was using 3-way linking method and after 3 weeks of testing, I found out the result from this pilot project was rather impressive to me.

What I did was, I target "Small Business Blog Marketing" keywords for my old blog (which is my old blog theme). Previously, I will not able to get into page 1 and don’t even talk about top 3 ranking. Guess what? I was rank number 18 1 in Google SERP. (Picture shown was No. 1 from the search result conducted last year)


While I search on a Live Search, my blog also rank No. 11 in the same keyword. (Picture shown was No. 1 from the search result conducted last year)


This was a tremendous result I got from the 3WayLink Pilot Project. That’s mean I will get more FREE traffic from Search Engine.


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What is 3-way link & How to form a 3 way link?


For your easy understanding, I take a simple example here: you owned site A and B and you want to link to site C (which is not yours). So, you approach site C blog/website owner and suggest you link his site C from A, and you ask him to link your site B in return favor.


How good is 3-way linking is?

When search engine index your site, the robots will not consider this is reciprocal link but rather than a high quality linking. Thus, boosting up your link popularity and you site will rank high.

Now, there are 2 methods you can get 3 way linking:

No. 1 – Join review site project


  • Obviously it is free.


  • It takes time to build the backlink.
  • You got to do it manually.

No. 2 – Use automated 3WayLinks link scripts.

I recommend you use 3waylinks that enable the entire you automated the entire process. It is quite simple to setup and you need to follow the instruction to create a link in your blog. You can see the link in my blog here:


How 3WayLinks works like magic?

When you join as a member of 3WayLinks, the site you choose to optimize will automatically start gaining high-quality, one-way incoming links from other members’ sites (you can get maximum up to 250 links per domain) .

The more links you have, the better ranking you gain; since all of the major search engines rank sites based on their link popularity.

The benefits of using 3WayLinks:

  • Links Are Not Reciprocal – They’re Three-Way
  • Varied Link Text
  • Links Spread Slowly
  • Links Pages Are All Unique
  • Links Come From A Large Variety of IP Addresses (Class C)
  • Nothing Links Back to 3WayLinks
  • Link Networks are Kept Small
  • A Quality Network fo Links
  • All Links Verified Daily
  • Your Sites Never Link To Each Other
  • You Get What You Want
  • You Can Put 50+ Sites In The Network With One Account

It is only cost you $47 a month for the 3WayLinks membership. It is definitely a very good deal and worth for the money you invest. That is less than $0.20 per link back.

Let’s do the maths here and you will see the cost effective of using 3WayLinks:

Assume you spend $5 per link monthly on the text-link-ads to boost your link popularity. Now, you target at 20 sites, that will cost you $100 per month just on text-link-ads alone. Not bad for this small building exercise, huh?

But if you compare this:

3WayLinks: $47 => 250 sites

Text-Link-Ads: $100 => 100 sites

Obviously 3WayLinks is a better option.

Well, if you still don’t want to pay this fee to get 250 back link in 3 weeks like I do, then join my link back project for FREE :) … but there is no guarantee for you to get result like me in 3 weeks.

You should be able to see the significant different between these 2 methods of building your backlinks.

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P/S: You should able to see how potential this 3WayLinks help you to get more organic traffic from search engine by investing $47 in your link building exercise. As for me, an online entrepreneur, I will be able to monetize from this cool method, how about you?