I have been using Windows Live Writer to write most of my blog post since 3 weeks ago. I realised that sometimes I have the problem of publish the post live. It gave me either 500 server error or xmlrpc.php problem .

Error attempting to connect to weblog at:


The underlying connection was closed: The connection was closed unexpectedly.

At first I thought it is a small issue, but it is quite annoying to me as sometimes it get through, sometimes it doesn’t. I got to login my blog to check whether the post went live!

Today, I came across the solution for this problem and I fixed that to my blog. I will look forward to see if my windows live writer still give me problem or not.

If you have similar problem, follow the step below to solve this:

  1. Download your .HTACESS file from your blog root directory (you can use FileZilla or any FTP program).
  2. Use NotePad (or any text editor) to open the .HTACESS file
  3. Insert the code: SecFilterEngine Off
  4. Save it and upload back to your server

That’s all, you are done!!

If you don’t have the .HTACESS file, you can download my version here. (You need to unzip this file before you upload to your host. If your blog already has one .HTACESS file, DO NOT overwrite it as it might cost your blog running inappropriately).