Install a WordPress Blog can be quite challenging especially to people who are not technical savvy, even come with a very details blog installation guide by I remembered that reading the installation guide, I managed to install my first wordpress blog in a week time, that was also with the help of my friend.

In fact, I was asked to show how to install a blog easily. If you are one of the people are still struggling to install your wordpress blog, here I come out with a simple 7 steps tutorial to help you install your blog painlessly.

  1. Get A Hosting with cPanel Feature
  2. Login Your Hosting Account
  3. Select Fantastico / Fantastico Deluxe
  4. Install WordPress
  5. Select New Installation
  6. Fill in Your Details
  7. Click Finish Installation
  8. Optional: Save Installation Details

Step 1: Get A Hosting with cPanel Feature


WordPress blog platform is not the same as normal static website. In fact, it doesn’t work for every host. You need to check with your hosting company whether they provide you cpanel access feature or not. If you are new and don’t know which hosting to use. I recommend you to use HostGator. After testing with several host, I find that HostGator the most realiable host I ever use for WordPress Blogging so far. Sign up for HostGator Hosting before we proceed next step. I do have some discount coupons that can help you save $9.94 (one time) upon purchase, if you like to sign up through my reseller link, submit your email via contact form to me and I will let you know the discount coupon code.


Step 2: Login Your Host Account

Type in the following url to access to your host’s cPanel. Usually the format is quite easy to remember.

Assume your site is at:

You cPanel access is at: or

You are prompt with an authentification window as below:

Enter your username name and password and proceed.


Step 3: Select Fantastico / Fantastico Deluxe

Look for fantastico or fantastico deluxe in your cPanel, it is usually appear at the bottom of your cPanel page.

Click on the fantastico / fantactico deluxe button.


Note: Some of the host offer fantastico and some offer fantastico deluxe. Basically it make no different to WordPress Installation here.

Step 4: Install WordPress

Look for WordPress under the Blog category on your left hand side and click on the WordPress link.


Step 5: Select New Installation

By now you should be able to see a page wrote about a short description on WordPress, go ahead to select new installation. Other information you can view here is current installed blog(s). If you have already installed blog(s) in this domain, you will see the list of installed blog(s).


Step 6: Fill in Your Details

Right now, it comes to the most important step in the blog installation, you need to plan whether you want to install on the main domain name or sub-directory (or called sub-folder).

If you want to install on the main domain, just leave the column “Install in directory” empty, otherwise enter the desire directory/folder you want to install. Most of the people will name the directory as “blog”. If you don’t have other better suggestion, by all mean go ahead to install on the “blog” directory.


Next, under the “Admin Access Data” column, create your administrator username and password. You need to use this username and password to enter to your blog admin area when you have finished installation.

Under the “Base Configuration” column, you can enter your nickname, email address, your blog name and description. I normally just enter info below to proceed.

Admin nickname: admin

Admin e-mail:

Site Name:


All these information can be changed later when you login your admin area.

Next, just enter the following info as well under the E-mail account configuration.

E-mail account username: admin

E-mail account password: admin

POP/SMTP server:

POP/SMTP server port : 110

This info is used by the blog by email feature. You can find out more information about how to blog by email from WordPress.

For new bloggers, I suggest you can skip learning this features until you really setup your blog and start posting.

Make sure all the columns have been filled up and not one is left empty, you will not able to proceed if there is any empty column.

Okay, now you can press Install WordPress button.

Step 7: Finish Installation

You will be directed to “Install WordPress (2/3)” page, go ahead press the “Finish Installation” button.


Optional: Save Installation Details

In the “Install WordPress (3/3)” page, you are asked whether want to save the installation details and send to you via email.


Once you select to fill in your email address and press okay, a copy of the blog installation details will send to your inbox. I normally do this just to ensure I have a copy of this installation detail for future reference.


You are done! A new blog has just finished installed.

You can view the blog in the domain that you just installed.