In the last post on politicians’ blog review, I mentioned some of the local and overseas politicians who use wordpress blog CMS (Content Management System). This post I am going to mention the advantage of using blog CMS and how this blog CMS can help politicians to take the advantage of this web2.0 tool.


In my opinion, politicians are able to get huge benefits by setting up their blogs. Don’t worry about you are not good in writing, you can always learn. If this is too troublesome for you, simple hire a writer to write for your blog CMS. I don’t see any reasons to stop them from setup one. If you are a politician or aspiring to be one, check out the good reasons below:

Platform to interact with people

As a politician, one must always hear from the people voice, blog work out as the feedbacks collection center.

Bring closer to people

Blog can improve relationship between politicians and voters. It is more personalizes and friendlier compare to website. Should they want to target young voters, this is one of the easiest way to win their hearts.


Update of current news / issues

People also keen to know the outcome of current news / issues after addressing to the politicians. They want solution and answers; and the politicians can’t run away from that. After all, that is what we elect them to be Member of Parliament and State Assembly Representatives.

Archive of past achievement

If you have done something good for public, this is probably your best time to showcase your works. As a politician, you are responsible for the people request and complaints but sometimes people just ask repeat questions and expect answers over and over again, if I would them, I will just ask them to check out from the blog and keep their mouth shut.


Increase productivity

You can imagine how busy they are. They might don’t even have time to eat proper and sometimes work till late night. They are a lot of things that can let the blog handle some of the issue for themselves, such as collection of complaints, issues, displaying solutions, answers and much more.

Personal branding and stickiness

Blog can building brand over the time. Once the readers like you blog so much, they will tend to "stick" to your blog and tend to come back more to read your new contents even it is just comments / replies from politicians or other readers.


Easy to update

Can you imagine you can update your website just like writing a word document? WordPress CMS able to help you to achieve that.

Instant update

You can find internet connectivity if not gprs access every where. That means you can update your blog anytime, anywhere, either on notebook, pc or even mobile phone.

Blogging is hot nowadays, and people feel trendy when they read blogs. So, what are you waiting for?

Start a blog today and be part of the blogosphere.