Today I have done a little bit different in the blog posting style for the new blog post "3 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Join Me At The Malaysian Youth Entrepreneur Convention 2008" and I realised that Google indexed my blog post in just 2 hours.


As you can see, my blog post went live in today morning at 8.14am and when I search from Google, it was indexed 1 hour ago (when I took the screen shot, my notebook time show 11.20am).


This is the power of using blog as your website platform and it will index faster compare to normal hand-coded webpage. Even a newly setup blog, you will be able to achieve this result in 6 – 24 hours.

I am testing and optimising my blog in order to make it even more search engine (Google) friendlier and able to attract search engine visit my blog within a very very short time.

A this blog continue to improve, I look forward my blog post able to be indexed by Google in less than 1 hour.


My latest testing got me a shocking result. One of the blog post was get indexed in just 10 minutes .