podcast Some of you might wonder how to create a podcasting session just like "Interview with Dr. Izad from Mount Kinabalu Blog" session I did last year.

I create that one without having an expert skills in podcast. In fact, it is not difficult to create at all, you just need to trial and error until you got it right.

To help you to get started, here is the Ingredients you’ll need to create a podcast your contents:

Blog Platform: WordPress

Plugin: Podpress

Software: Audocity, alternately you can use Camtasia.

You need to get a good and stable hosting account, I recommend you use HostGator for Podcasting. If you don’t want to host the audio contents in your site, you can consider to upload to some of the sites offer free hosting. There are SermonCloud, OurMedia, or Odeo. You can sign up one for free.

Have fun trying on podcasting.