Can you imagine yourself only update your blog with just 4 posts in 2 months, but you still manage to attract more than 26,700+ visitors? That was my achievement in May and June 2008.

In the last 2 months, I have been busy running and organising the Profit Blogging Bootcamp, Melvin and my blogging seminar that help Malaysian to learn how to make money blogging. Due to the busy workloads, I was unable to write for my blogs. However, when I check my blog stats from time to time, I was surprise that the blog visitors not even decrease when I stop posting, but achieve a record high traffic since the 2 blogs started. These 2 blogs I mention are Steven Wong’s Blog Marketing and Jokes Blog.

Below is the traffic statistics of the 2 blogs:

Total Visitors in May: 5,628 + 7,205 = 12,883
Total Visitors in June: 6,253 + 7,621 = 13,874
Total Visitors in 2 months = 26,757

Obviously, people like to read my jokes blog more than the blog marketing’s blog. I don’t know either it is a good or bad sign.

I didn’t really work much on blogging, out of the 4 posts, 3 are promoting my own websites and products and one about the new blogger in Malaysia.

For my main blog, I blog about a new Malaysian blogger – Che Det in May 3. This is the only highlight on blogger news. While the rest, I made announcement on my new website on credit card debt solution for Malaysian, launching and review of Profit Blogging Bootcamp.

As at 2008 YTD, this blog has attract more than 26,400 visitors and it was setup in Sept 2007. The current PR stand at PR3.

Blog Marketing Visitors = 5,628 + 6,253 = 11,881
YTD visitors = 26,400


On the other hand, my Jokes Blog managed to attracted more than 22,800 visitors since Jan 2008. My last post was on Airliners Pictures in 2 April. The PR is stand at PR4.

Jokes Blog Visitors in May and June = 7,205 + 7,621 = 14,826
YTD visitors = 22,800


I look forward to review more about my blogs’ performance from time to time.