Last year, I discovered my blog having a lot of unknown visitors from Russia Confederation. I was curious this non-English speaking visitors suddenly come to my blog. At the same times, I found out there is an increase of spam trackback message to my blog. After much study, I discovered this traffic and trackback message are coming from the same source.


In those days, spammers just left a bunch of website urls in my comments but manage to catch by askimet. However, there is getting smarter, what they do is use trackback spam, a less usual way of getting a link back. It is harder for askimet to filter the spam message. I was getting like 5-20 trackback spam messages a day until I made all new message must approve before they can go live.

For those who have never left message in my blog, your message will be moderate by me before it appears. However, if you were previously left any comments in my blog, your comments will automatically approve.


Coming back to my story to combat with the trackback spam. I was so busy to figure out how to overcome this problem. At that time, my askimet able to catch 1,000 – 3,000 spam message but still have 5 – 20 message per day managed to get through the filter.


I began to look for a better way to reduce the spam. I discover WP-Ban plugin by Lester Chan. This plugin is able to help you ban visitors from particular IP address to access / spam your blog. If you key in the IP addresses that leave a lot of spam messages, you can stop them immediately. You can use “*” as a wildcard to stop a range of IP address access as well. In addition, you can also ban by domain name access. This is a very useful plugin to help you reduce the spam message caught by askimet as well. *Warning – this plugin can ban your access to your blog, if you accidentally put in your own IP address. Make sure you didn’t key in your own IP address. This combination of plugins help me reduce the spam significantly.


Download WP-Ban Plugin

Download my Ban IP Address list (contains hackers, spammers IP address).