Recently I read about Krispyblogs about his blog post on “Ten Reasons To Choose WordPress”. I totally agreed with his opinion and want to share this with you. To enhance the reasons, I come out with additional 7 reasons to tell you why I choose and promote wordpress as my preferred blog platform. Here are my additional reasons why I choose wordpress.

1. SEO Ready.
A lot of people overlook to the wordpress blog platform and thought it is just another blog software available. But I can tell you, if you think like this, you are definitely miss out the advantage of using wordpress. There is an build-in features that you can make your blog post url easily indexed by Google. You are no longer to hire SEO expert and able to optimise your blog on DIY method.

2. Web2.0 platform.
Web2.0 is about sharing and easy to write content and publish online. Today, a lot of people who can just creating their online present without learning HTML, PHP or other programming languages to create webpage.

3. Good documentation and support forums.
The has lay down has the most complete guide on using wordpress. Being the fact that there are a lot more websites out (you are reading one of these sites Tongue out) there to create more tutorials, how-to, tips about wordpress blog platform.

4. Easy monetization
With the ease of using widgets and plugins, you can easily insert your affiliate banner, adsense code, and many other monetization program.

5. Easy and Fast Installation
Forget about doing the manual installation from now, all you need to do is to invest into a hosting plan that provide you cpanel features, and you can just install your blog in less than 5 minutes. Check out the blog post on “How To Install WordPress Blog in less than 5 minutes“.

6. Greater flexibility – either free hosted or self-hosted
For those who has budget on hosting, you can buy a domain and good hosting plan, install the wordpress onto the domain and blog from there. If you aren’t, you can try on free-hosted wordpress.

7. … (you fill in your reason here)

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