wordpress-logo I have been talking about WordPress blog CMS usage all the while but still feel that I have left out something didn’t mention in this blog marketing website.

There are many good points and I have summarised it based on my 2 years of experience and received feedbacks. See below for the main advantages of using wordpress blog CMS to build websites.

  1. Fast Setup – Install your the blog within 5 minutes or less and get your site up within a day!
  2. D.I.Y Style – You can pick up the how-to tutorial and build all your new sites easily.
  3. Easy To Update and Make Changes over the time – Once you have master on how to use the WordPress CMS system, you will be able to do it fast.
  4. Search Engine Friendlier – get listed in search engine much easier, faster than normal websites. (It is proven and tested – check out my review on how fast on my blog page get indexed by Google!)
  5. New Web2.0 Technology – A "What You See Is What You Get" (WYSIWYG) feature help you to build websites with less painful experience to learn web programming.

  6. Minimal HTML, PHP or ASP Programming Knowledge Needed – You can get started without learning the programming code and pick up over the time. However, if you know since day one, it is an advantage for you.  
  7. No Purchase of Expensive Softwares like Dreamweaver or FrontPage to build websites.
  8. Many Themes and Plugins Available for WordPress blog CMS that build by many experience developers.
  9. Themes and Plugins are Open Source Products, that means no purchase of license require. You can save a lot money from buying expensive softwares.
  10. Theme Design / Layout Can Change Anytime Without Re-design The Whole Websites – the most wonderful idea of using WordPress blog CMS.
  11. Better Content Management System – centralise and manage your contents in one file.
  12. Greater Flexibility – All themes and plugins are able to activate for use anytime, while if you are not using it, you can de-activate it without deleting the files from the server.
  13. Standardised Folder Management – You are able to locate the installed themes and plugins easily in all WordPress powered websites.
  14. Able to Gather Feedbacks from Visitors – this blog feature will help you to build better interaction and relationship with your website’s visitors which normal websites can’t do it easily.
  15. Your Reasons ….