Do you know who is the youngest blogger in town or even in the world? In December, 2007 I wrote a review on the youngest blogger in the world. The record probably need to rewrite by now. What I even surprise is this youngest blogger I ever discovered is staying nearby my house. His name is Gloson and he started blogging in November 2008 when he was 11 years old.

According to Gloson in the interview, his mother Grace Khong encouraged him to start a blog in 2008. Gloson did so and got his blog up in July 2008. During the school holidays in November, instead of spending his holidays in like normal kids, he began actively blogging during the free time. This blog is about everything he learn!

Trust me, you will find somethings new to learn from his blog post. You will amaze that he even know more things than you in certain area. He uses words, pictures and videos to express the written topic. All I can said he is able to deliver the idea to the readers. He even know how to create a video and upload to YouTube! Can you?

I can see more and more bloggers in Malaysia are begin to show their talents.  How about you? Are you / your kids are making use of the free time to create something more meaningful?

You won’t surprise that I will do the same to teach my daughter to blog in future. Although I have setup the blog for her (Priscila Wong‘s Blog)  is to updates my friends, relatives about her pictures, I will teach her when come to the right time in future. Of course she will take over the blog and write her own contents.

Whose know she will even break Gloson Record in future, you will never know! :)

The Star paper featured about his story in Friday, 9th January.  You can check out the paper coverage and visit Gloson blog for more information about this young blogger.

Gloson blog is featured again! This time he was appeared in 2 media.
1) He was featured in Sin Chew(????), a local most popular Chinese Newspaper.
2) He is also featured in Carl’s latest blog – and ranked 27 in Top 100′s Youngest Blogger list.