I saw this news from the Sun paper on last Friday and Malaysia Votes Blog.

According to the press release, this is going to be the next website/blog that ride the wave of electronic media emergence since the Malaysia Election in March 2008. This blog is going to cover Politics and Pop Culture. According to them, politics here do not simply mean politicians, political parties or government but power relations between the various parties involve in an issue.


This blog founded by two popular personnel in local media industry, Jacqueline Ann Surin and Cindy Tham who both of them have more than 13 & 14 years of experience in print journalism and were former assistant news editors with the Sun.

The blog will somehow focus on analysis so that readers will understand what is happening in and outside the country. It is going to be the first disabled-friendly news site in Malaysia. Sound something new to me, disabled-friendly, not sure how do they justify this.

I will wait-and-see in the middle of this month about the launch of this new blog.