This is the first interview of a series of Malaysian Bloggers interview. This interview was produced in the efforts to provide more ideas to the graduates of WordPress Blogging Seminar. Those featured bloggers will also being showcase and case study during the workshop. If you are interest to find out more about our WordPress Blogging Seminar, you are encourage to check out our Website for details. Check out the our next 3-hours seminar and join us for more info.


Dr. Izad from is the highlighted blogger in the first interview. He started blogging in June 2006 after completed his website. Very soon he found out will be left no more new contents update in the current website, he started to explore the possible to blog. He learn from his ground zero level on wordpress blogging on his after work and own efforts. I am glad to see his great achivement so far.

According to him, his average income generated from this blog is about RM2-5K monthly while still doing his full time job as a general doctor who serve in a clicnic in KK. His income generated from the blog main from Text Link Ads, In-bound tour package (arrangement with the local tour agent), donation and other monetising methods.

Listen to this 73 minutes interview and you can find out more about him personally, how he get started on blogging and earning at stable income monthly. In fact, he is rather spending very low in the early day of blogging. He told me that, he only invest money in hosting and the Blog Mastermind Program. While the rest, are efforts and time to visit other outstanding blogger sites and learn from their blogging techniques.

I trust you will enjoy listening to this interview and you will be benefited.

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