Last night, I was reading other bloggers talk about the good and bad about Google Page Rank update in Oct 24. Immediate I read that, I am a bit curious to find out any update to my blog. I used to check Page Rank (PR), but it showed my PR is zero (0) last night.


This morning, when I was reading and replying some of the comments in my blog, I realised that PR has updated to 2 3 (Last checked on 15th January). I am getting a little bit excited over the quick updates over my blog page rank, eventhough this is a newly setup blog back in September (just merely 1 4 months). I went to check again, and it’s officially my PR is 2 3.


If you your blogs/sites didn’t show any PR changes, you can try to check later. If you are want to double check on other PR Checkers, just google it and you will find many other free PR Checkers you can use.