My friend cum full time blogger, Colbert Low meet up with me in last weekend in one of the wordpress blogging seminar in Crystal Crown Hotel. He came together with 3 other friends.

I have been knowing Colbert since last year, our first meeting was in Mid Valley together with 4 others internet marketers. According to Colbert in his blog, he is the first blogger in Malaysia who joined an international blog network.

I am the first Malaysian problogger to join an international blog network at in 2005 and it is now part of B5 Media as of 31 Oct 2005

Indeed, this is a good session to catch up again especially I am conducting seminar about how to make money by blogging. I managed to ask him to share with some 10 people last Saturday’s seminar. He didn’t expect that i would asked him to share his experience as blogger. Although he is nervous at the beginning, very soon he told us how does he started off and his experience to work with b5 media. He has an experience in writing for more than 13 blogs at one time and current fully focus on 8 blogs. You check out his blog for more details.

Below are some of the photos he took from his nokia N95 mobile phone.




During the seminar I speak about the results of make money by blogging.