Blogging (always) is the In-thing again!

Today I read in the Sun paper and saw this little article about new blogger introduction. This time the spot is on our former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir. He started blogging on May 1st with the first article “The Appointment of Judges“. You won’t believe it, within the same day itself, there are already more than 520+ comments left in his new blog. Really the latest and hottest blogging in town now!!


According to Che Det (a name he used when writing in the newspapers long time ago), the purpose of setting up this new blog is to publishing his writing when he wants to pen out his thoughts and opinion.

This site is dedicated to publishing my writings as and when I am able to pen my thoughts and opinion. Interested parties, including the Press, are welcomed to reproduce or quote materials published here with the condition that they are credited to

umno-youth-new-blogDatuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan (Umno Youth Secretary-General) of Kota Belud MP is another politicians who setup his blog recently. His blog went live recently in March 24, 2008, right after the Malaysia Election. The reason he setup this blog is to air his views in various issues.

Things look good that politicians from BN camp start looking at blog as alternative media to voice their opinion. However, Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan stated that his blog got hacked on May 1st. There is a potential threat for famous politician’s blogs take over by someone. I am not sure they created their blogs themselves or they have someone will help him look after the technical issue. After all, it is not nice to see someone put up embarrassed postings.

Kudos to The Sun paper, always put up write up about the new blogs. That’s the way to attract people start looking at blogging. In fact, what I really look forward to see more and more people are starting their own blog.