5xmom-for-saleYes, you read it correctly! That’s the price Chan Lilian has put on auction in SitePoint.

Is she crazy or what? Or give up on blogging? So, I read her post about this auction and the answer is found right in her blog post.

She is trying to achieve 2 things here: (If I guess it right from her quote!!)

  1. Move out to the current blog and re-establish her new blog writing style and direction.
  2. She is on hire and wants to become a guest writer to the new boss.

I know smart marketeers will see this as a good investment. What if they buy this up and hire me to continue blogging? It is a crazy idea but I know out there, many people are jumping into getting good blogs.

What’s a clever move and trying to leverage on her asset to the max.Tongue out

For those who are new to the blogging, you might think that is a ridiculous price she put for sale. But for those who are making 5-figures income from the blog monthly will think this is a good investment. I didn’t really know exactly how much her earning from this site monthly, my assumption is you may able to make your investment back in 3-6 months.

Looking at the business point of view, we are always looking at return on investment and how long would it take to break even. Depending on how much capital investment and the perspective of the business, there is no right formula to give you answer, you got to determine yourself how much and how fast!

If you are looking for good blog to buy, you probably want to check out 5XMom For Sale.