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Are PayPal Malaysian Users Allowed Bank Withdrawal Soon?

It was exactly 2 years ago (Oct 15) when PayPal allow Malaysian users to withdraw to their debit cards.  Since then, there are so many people are looking for ways to withdraw their fund via various local banks’ Visa debit card. Some of the Visa debt cards allow:
Public Bank
Tune Money

Today I login to my Paypal account and saw this Paypal policy update notice and when I click on it, I am really surprise to see that they finally allow we as Malaysian to withdraw fund into our local banks. This is what I read on: (more…)


My Personal Opinion On HostGator 200,000 WebHosting Customers Achievement

Yesterday I received an email from my hosting provider, Hostgator about their recent business achievement.

defining-successI wasn’t usual that hostgator send out email, in fact, I can’t remember when was the last time I receive their newsletter. But what I am more interest to share with you my personal opinion on their grow up history.

Brent Oxley started his entrepreneur at early as 11 years old (sixth grade). He sell candy in his school and had all the kids in his neighborhood working for him. Later, he sell watermelons at the age of 14 and started his internet business journey in the college day.

In fact, his internet business pathway is not a superhighway, he has been going through up and down through out the year and think of giving up the business as well, especially working on his web hosting business. To know more about his story, you can read here for details. (more…)

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Make Money From Selling Blogs

Do you have blogs that make in between $10 – $100 or more per month?

Have you think about selling off these blogs that not making a lot of passive income?

I have a 2 blogs which I have been receiving consistent monthly passive income of USD$70 in the past one year. When come to domain renewal, I decided to sell it off last month instead of continue maintain it.

What I do is I put up listings in last month and I managed to sell it off for USD$800.


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Advertisement Space Available

I am selling advertisement spaces in my most funny videos website right now. If you would like to get more exposure or want to drive more traffic to your sites, you can take a look at my advertisement rate here not taking any advertisement yet.

Some of the advantage to advertise in my blog:

  1. Faster index by search engines,
  2. Better exposure in terms of traffic from US, Canada, UK and Australia countries,
  3. Organic search engines traffic,
  4. Continuous growth traffic from various sources, expect to get 20K visitors a month this year.

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Profit Blogging Workshop Available In Malay Language Now

We will be having profit blogging workshop in Malay version this week. This is the first time we are conducting BM version to cater for the Malay speaking crowd. However, I am not the one who speak in BM version. We invited our friend Kidino of to run this workshop.

Iszuddin Ismail but better known as Kidino is a techie guy who play around a lot with the PHP, ASP and Perl Programming. I met him in year 2005 and at that time he was already a successful internet marketer. He specialise in affiliate marketing and DIY minisite. In fact, I learn a lot from him; he is very humble, willing to share his experience in internet marketing to me has contribute a lot to my learning journey. I am sure you will find him the same when you meet up with him in the blogging workshop.


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