Steven Wong is a blog new media marketing consultant, coach, speaker and virtual real estate (VRE) builder from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He started using WordPress blog / content management system (CMS) from year 2006 and since then he has gain vast experience in using this open source blogging software.

Prior to starting his own blog new media marketing consulting service, he has help more than 8,000 forum members to solve their WordPress blogging problems in the early day. This forum is one of the popular WordPress forum in 2007 to 2008.

Later on, he conducted WordPress blogging seminar from 2007 – 2009 and has coaches more than 180 people. Many people learn from him a lot about blogging tips, niche blogging, blog SEO and how to make money blogging.

He has worked with popular International Internet Marketing Guru, SenZe with a team of 5 members; from October 2009 till now on setting up niche blogs and ready websites. Many customers have bought those ready websites from him and his team.

Currently he is offering blog setup service as well as blog new media marketing consultation to small medium industries business owner and corporate companies.

Why Blog New Media Marketing

Indeed, new media today consists of many different format. The most popular one are Blog, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Social Boomark, and many other. This web2.0 platform able to help a lot of business entrepreneurs to create their online present easily; without spending a lot of investment into setting up the website.

Here is some of my online social / new media profile:

How I Get Started?

I have been blogging since April 2006. I still remembered my first blog was setup up because I want to learn an easier way to create and manage my website. I started many website using WordPress blog / content management system and since then, I have also setup quite  a number of blog / websites. I have vast experience in using WordPress blog / cms to build my websites as well as helping others.

Prior to my online marketing journey, I worked as an advertising sales executive and manager for 5 years in a directory publication company.

Here are some of the my websites that I construct over the time:

  • Started my first self-hosted blog at Internet Online. This blog talks about everything online.
  • Popular WordPress Blogging Forum – help more than 8,000 of forum members solved their WordPress blogging problems (creased).
  • All Niche Video – A Video Tutorials Membership website that show people internet marketing how-to on step by step (ceased).
  • Blog New Media Marketing – This is my personal website that share some of my thoughts on WordPress blogging, new media as well as showcase some of my portfolio. This blog officially went live on 26th Sept, 2007.
  • Easy Blogging For Dummies – A brand new website that offer blog setup service, sharing on blogging tools and easy blogging for profit tips.
  • Malaysia Credit Card Solutions – A website that share tips on how to reduce your credit card debts and interest owe to bank. This is for Malaysia crowd.
  • Funny Video, Funny Powerpoint Slide – A funny video and powerpoint slides sharing website that I created on my free time. In this websites, I published most of the contents that I received freely from friends.
  • Dropship Review – A very simple website that review some of the dropship program online.
  • Outdoor Security Camera System – An article website that introduce various model of outdoor security camera.
  • and a few other in the pipelines …

Some of the niche websites I build and sold:

Some of my portfolio:

What is WordPress blog / content mangement system?

In my opinion, it is just another website / webpage with some clever software build behind it so that anyone (you and I) can build and update it with no technical know-how. Due to the rapid development of WordPress developers, you can use this open source blogging software to create your website. More and more people / companies are using this content management system to run their websites.

Some of the benefits of using WordPress CMS:

  • how to manage a wordpress blog,
  • Setup an easy to update website in long term,
  • Revamp your current website,
  • Get Started on make money blogging / work from home business,
  • Coaching and Guidance,
  • Be my intern.

Contact me if you are looking for consultant to setup your company website / cms.